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Non-invasive body Sculpting or body contouring can eliminate fat, shape areas of the body and tighten skin. Lipolysis is a nonsurgical form of body contouring through the methods of heat/cold, low level light lasers, ultrasonic cavitation, and radio frequency among other methods. These procedures are considered “treatments” because It may require more than one session to reach your desired result. In combination with moderate exercise and clean eating, body sculpting will get you to your desired results rapidly.


Nonsurgical body contouring/sculpting procedures are non invasive variations of liposuction with guaranteed measurable results. There is no down time and results are usually permanent when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Some individuals may need more than one session to achieve optimal results. The time between each treatment depends on each service and desired outcome. Having a consistent exercise routine as well as having a healthy diet in place will help to maintain your results throughout and after treatments. 

Body sculpting is the accelerator to your desired body goals. 

B o o k   y o u r   c o s u l t a t i o n  h e r e

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