Multifaceted beauty


Based in the Central Florida region, servicing and specializing in any events including bridal, corporate, film, print, commercial, lessons and group classes.   

Looking through Sarai's portfolio, you will see that her experience along with her Beauty Team of Artists and Stylists, demonstrates the understanding of different skin and hair types as well as versatility in application techniques. From glamorous and editorial to the natural everyday girl and timeless bride, we pride ourselves in accomplishing any style and look. 

To ensure a flawless long lasting finish, our team supplies an array of professional HD quality as well as hypoallergenic and vegan products. 

Strongly valuing the bond and support of community, we are always open to team collaborations with photographers, designers and production companies.

*COVID* For everyone's safety, we take high precautions with Covid. All of our artists and stylists are obligated to wear face masks and sanitize our stations upon arrival and throughout appointments. 

Office Hours - Tues-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm (inquiries and emails)

Weekends are heavy working hours as we are usually on location for weddings/ events

and take Mondays off to recover from all the hairspray fumes. For last minute bookings or if you need to reach us be sure to text us! (We do take appointments on Mondays)

EMAIL    TEXT 978-647-7371


Meet the Artist



Photographed by Stephanie Velez
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Based in Central FL

Since I can remember, beauty was always my first love, my creative problem-solving, my muse. Working in the beauty and fashion industry for over 10 years, I have gained ample experience understanding all that the multifaceted beauty industry entails.

I take pride in my team of highly seasoned Artists & Stylists that work alongside with me for all of our weddings. Our sole purpose is to creatively collaborate with your vision and my expert touch. Keeping up with the continuum of ever evolving trends as well as honoring the timeless and classics, my goal is to create the look that reflects you, your desired look. A look that compliments you and/or your brand.

Let's create and collaborate together.