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Makeup for Photo Scene Workshop

Starting my blog with none other than showcasing a good bridal gallery. Last month I was honored to collaborate and create magic with some of my favorite people at my favorite place.

So not only is this a bridal shoot, it's a bridal shoot by the beach. A look into my heart and this is what you'll find... ocean, sand and beautiful brides.

Having to start over again after instagram took down both my personal and my muah page (still don't know why) was a nightmare that turned into my branding dream. I lost all of my followers but gained new insight and a fresh new look that pushed me to finally rebrand - long overdue.

As I build up my portfolio to target what is artistically pleasing to me, (I guess a niche right?) I hope you share in my same vision and liking. I'll be blogging more of the final edits and other fun topics. If you want to see more bts shots and raw photos/video's of my work be sure to follow me on Instagram, @saraitiradobeauty. There I share quite a bit of lovely makeup and hair things like tips, fresh faces and more.

Back to the reason of this blog post - The Photo Scene Workshop

For years, I have collaborated with Vania Elise doing high quality fashion shoots so the opportunity to work with her again was without hesitation. She and her bff Josie (whose primary work is weddings) joined forces to create an educational photography business on building your brand and running a successful photography business. If you haven't heard of them and are looking to start or strengthen your photography business, I would highly advise you to check them out! Last month, I was excited to work with exceptional talents at their live workshop. Meeting new photographers, basking in the ocean air and just staring at beauty was the most perfect work day. I couldn't choose on posting just one gallery because each have their own style that you can't help but love... so here they are! Divided into three dreamy short galleries are the final edits that I chose (very difficult by the way, I wanted to share them all) from each brilliant photographer.



Second gallery by Josie Brooks Photography @josiebrooksphotography - if you're into visually pleasing sites, her site is sight to see!


Lastly, by my sweet and gifted friend Vania Elise Photography @vaniaelisephotog


Photographer @hrosariophotography


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